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Need a Fire Inspection?

Get one today from a full service contractor with 28 years’ experience.

Fire Inspections in Kamloops and More from a Full Service Contractor

Western Canada Fire Protection has been serving the Thompson/Nicola and Cariboo Regional Districts, as well as the Okanagan Valley and the West Kootenays, for the last 28 years. We provide a number of fire protection services, from fire alarm supply and installation to fire inspections. A Kamloops-based operation, we are available for 24/7 emergency service, ensuring you are never without assistance at your sawmill, hotel, or education facility. We provide full-service contracts and yearly maintenance, so that you have a reliable, familiar fire protection provider who delivers exceptional service. Our fire protection services include:

Fire alarms:
supply, installation, and testing
Fire extinguishers:
servicing and recharging all types of portable fire extinguishers
Industrial fire suppression systems:
design, supply, and installation
Fire sprinkler systems:
service and maintenance of fire hydrants, sprinklers, and fire pumps
Fire inspections:
annual testing of fire alarms, sprinkler systems, computer rooms, and fire extinguishers

We offer sale, service, and installation of emergency lighting fixtures, as well as equipment designed for special hazards. We are proud to serve a number of industries and sectors, such as:

Browse our products and make sure you’re covered for fire protection. Get in touch to book your service today!

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